I consider myself an activist artist committed primarily to environmental and social sustainability.

We live in a society whose current values ​​prioritize a way of life far removed from the experience of our physical environment and increasingly dependent on technology and virtual space as the central place of everyday life. Likewise, the culture of mass consumerism, immediacy and the dizzying pace of life are strongly favored.

This is assuming an increasing loss of the feeling of belonging to the territory we live in, which leads to a process of disconnection that damages our understanding and knowledge of the natural environment and has clear consequences on our physical and mental well-being.

For this reason, I intend to convey with my work the need to reconnect with nature as beings that are part of it under equal conditions, which leads to a spontaneous and natural awareness of the aspects of our society that are harmful to it. My work reflects therefore, a biocentric vision as opposed to the anthropocentric one, of the world and my commitment to the natural environment.

I provoke that, by observing my images, the viewers feel immersed in them and recognize themselves as part of nature. For this I use resources such as searching for the sublime in the landscape, the metaphor of the vestige as the human beings themselves, the aesthetic and poetic sense of the place and the incorporation of questions in my images.

I work mainly with photography, video and collage. I capture my images through a process of observation similar to meditation, which keeps me connected with the surrounding and allows me to delve into it. My references are, therefore, other artists involved in the observation of the territory who work with the physical environment, such as other photographers, video, installation or land artists.

November, 2021.