Expressiveness in everyday life is the predominant theme in my work.

We live surrounded by an environment mostly built from a utilitarian point of view. This has produced an anodyne and undifferentiated urban landscape, not conceived to be contemplated, but used.

My work explores these places when particular elements arise in them that make them extraordinary.
In some cases, the existence of these elements is due to the human will to embellish or differentiate the environment that is close to it. In others, it is the unconscious fruit of the merely utilitarian.

In this sense, I play with different scales, densities and colors; in light situations that ephemerally transform the ordinary; in the power of repetition or in redirecting the gaze towards small fragments of reality.

The diversity of locations is part of what my work wants to convey. It is provocative and at the same time disturbing, the fact that the photographed places are difficult to locate. The indications to locate them geographically are scarce or, in most cases, non-existent.
This fact, not always consciously sought, is the result of the contemporary globalized world in which we live.

The brilliance of the extraordinary as our personal and collective reflection condenses, so, the essence of my work.

October, 2018.