Chronicle of an infinite landscape


  • (2019)

    This series is made of a group of pictures taken in the Uyuni salt flats, in Bolivia. When it is flooded, during the altiplanic winter, the surrounding landscape is reflected in the water, producing a mirage effect.

    The high altitude (3,665 m) and the lack of sources of air pollution in the area make the visibility enormous, producing a feeling of infinity that is enhanced by the mirror-like effect of the sheet of water. The virtual landscape created there is only distinguished from the real one by small details, such as the texture of the salt, which is glimpsed below the surface, the distortions created by the movement of water and the pieces of salt that protrude from its surface.

    In this project the photographs, which are not manipulated, are inverted to play with the sensation of unreality produced by the discordant elements that appear in the virtual sky, while the cleanliness of the lower plane evokes the impression of floating over an infinite space.